Alma Heights Christian High School

Handbook: Uniform and Dress Code

Uniform and Dress Code 2011-2012

All shirts and outerwear should be the AHC logo from Dennis Uniform with just one exception:  the authorized P.E. uniform jacket. Other items that students may select through the P.E. supplier will not be allowed, even if they have a similar logo. Uniform items can be ordered online here.

We have completed the uniform transition. Dennis Uniform has added a number of good outerwear options that will be allowed in class or chapel.

The high school AHC logo P.E. jacket will also be allowed. (P.E. uniforms can be ordered on the P.E. section of the website.) While school skirts are still allowed for the girls (if they are worn modestly and are at or near knee length), we are encouraging students to consider the Dennis Uniform walking shorts for warm weather.  Skirts are not required for Formal Mondays.

General Guidelines

  1. All students must exhibit an appearance that is clean, modest, in good repair and conducive to classroom and general school interest and safety.
  2. Students will not be allowed to attend classes if their dress or general appearance is determined to be out of uniform or presents a source of disturbance to the learning opportunity of others. Clothing that is too short and/or too tight or baggy will be deemed inappropriate. All clothing must be in good condition.
  3. Items used to complement the uniform are to be conservative and in good taste. Undershirts  or camisoles that show at the neck or sleeve should be white  or match the color of the outer shirt and must be tucked in at the waist.
  4. No hats or sunglasses except at outdoor sports events or outdoor P.E. classes.
  5. Students will be in uniform for field trips and semester finals days unless otherwise noted.
  6. Alternate Dress Day guidelines apply for after school and weekend sports events and other extra curricular activities that uniforms are not required.
  7. Any exceptions must have written approval by the principal or designated school administrator.
  8. Uniform and dress code violations will typically result in detention for initial offenses. Chronic dress code or uniform violations  indicate deeper issues and may result in conferences with parents/guardians, loss of alternate dress day privileges, and /or disciplinary probation.

Uniform for Young Ladies

  1. High school logo polo or blouse for every day use, including Formal Mondays (Dennis uniform).
  2. Black or gray knee length (at or near the knee) skirt optional for daily use (Dennis uniform).  Not recommended in cool or windy weather. Black tights/leggings recommended with skirts.
  3. Black slacks or walking shorts for daily use. Dennis Uniform.
  4. Outerwear from Dennis Uniform or the P.E./Athletic AHC logo jacket are allowed.
  5. Neutral colored athletic, casual, or dress shoes and “Ugg” or fashion dress boots are allowed for every day use. Black “dress” boots / shoes for Chapel/Formal Days. Combat or heavy work style boots, shoes with open toes or over 1.5 inch heels are not allowed.
  6. Old hooded sweatshirts are no longer allowed, except for alternate dress days.

Ladies: Formal Monday Dress Code

Uniform polo shirts, white, blue, or black blouse/oxford shirt with black slacks or skirt and complementary shoes, preferably black (1.5 inch heels or less).

Uniform for Young Men

  1. Uniform polo shirts or oxford in white or light blue for daily use. Dennis Uniform.
  2. Black slacks or walking shorts for every day use. Dennis Uniform.
  3. Neutral colored athletic, casual, or dress shoes for every day use. No shoes with open toes.
  4. No hats or sunglasses.
  5. AHC logo Dennis and P.E./Athletic jackets are allowed.  Old hooded sweatshirts are no longer allowed, except for alternate dress days.

Young Men: Formal Monday Dress Code

White, blue, or black oxford shirt (long or short sleeve) with tie.  Black slacks with black belt and complementary shoes, preferably black.

Grooming, Make-Up, Jewelry, etc.

Hair styles should be moderate, clean, of natural color, well-groomed and deemed appropriate by the administration.  Hair length for young men must not go below the ear lobe, touch the shirt collars or be draped behind the ear. No facial hair is allowed.   No spiked or other extreme styles will be accepted.  Young ladies should wear their hair so that it does not cover their eyes.

Young ladies may wear makeup in moderation.  No black fingernail polish, lip stick, or heavy eye shading.  No grooming may be done in the classroom.  Ladies may wear small (one inch or less) earrings, only one earring in each ear.  Hair accessories should complement the uniform.

Young men are not allowed to wear earrings or studs. No other piercings, ear cuffs, tattoos, no long or large necklaces or jewelry that looks like tattoos or prayer beads may be worn. Rings are limited to school or promise rings (one on each hand). No more than one bracelet on each wrist. Jewelry should be inconspicuous.

Alternate Dress Day for Young Men and/or Ladies

All students should dress modestly & follow any modifications as specifically stated. All clothing should be in good condition. Students not conforming to the Alternate Dress rules will be given detention and may lose future Alternate Dress privileges. These rules apply only when there is an Alternate Dress Day. Half Days will be alternate dress days. Semester finals days will be regular uniform days. Friday Alternate Dress Days may be announced by the administration following a week with few or no dress code violations in the student body. Following the rules on a daily basis will result in more freedom and trust.

Alternate Dress Code Guidelines

(Regular uniform/dress code applies for things not specifically mentioned here such as jewelry, hats, make-up, etc.)


  • jeans of a solid color (no faded, torn, with studs, low riding, tight, or sagging).
  • solid color T-shirts or sweatshirts with sports or other logos (old school and team sweatshirts are o.k.)   No skulls, advertising for inappropriate products, or other labels, pictures, or logos in poor taste at the discretion of the faculty/staff. When in doubt, choose to wear another item to school.
  • knee length or longer twill or denim shorts
  • sport jerseys or mesh jerseys with T-shirts underneath
  • polo shirts.
  • colorful shoes, Uggs, and other shoes/boots that don’t leave scuff marks on hard floors.

Not Allowed

  • “low riders” or tight fitting pants. If the material doesn’t fit loosely around every part except the waist, it’s tight.
  • baggy, saggy, loose fitting or over-sized pants. If it’s below your waist or dragging on The ground at the heel, it doesn’t fit correctly.
  • spaghetti strap tops or bare shoulder showing
  • plunging necklines or slits cut above the knees
  • mid-riff tops (with hands above the head, no tummy showing)
  • sandals
  • baseball caps or hats worn inside the buildings or hallways
  • pants that have frayed hems, or that are torn, tattered or dirty
  • Combat & heavy work style boots

ANY exceptions must have administrator approval.